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Bast Minecraft command generators!

Hello!This is zooman!

and today I am going to show you The bast  command generators.

when you are makeing maps in Minecraft you well need commands.

But sum commands you need is very Difficult。

That is when you can use command generators!

And I am going to show you The bast!

So let’s go!


               Minecraft Command Science

  Holographic Text Generator

Generate awesome holographic text within your minecraft worlds and servers.

  Armor Generator

Generate custom minecraft armor give commands easily. Now with colored leather!

  Potion Generator

Generate vanilla minecraft potions however you like them. Make unique potions for your maps or server!

Command Sign Generator

Generate signs with embed commands on right click. Useable in Vanilla for your Minecraft maps or servers

  Villager Shop Generator

Generate vanilla minecraft villager shops based on the /summon command with command blocks.

  Armor Color Generator

Generate minecraft color values for unique leather armor



               Minecraft 1.9 Generators

summon mob generator 1.9
Summon Mob Generator 1.9
villager trade generator 1.9
Villager Trade Generator 1.9
give armor generator 1.9
Give Armor Generator 1.9
give dye generator 1.9
Give Dye Generator 1.9
give food generator 1.9
Give Food Generator 1.9
give mechanism generator 1.9
Give Mechanism Generator 1.9
give ore generator 1.9
Give Ore Generator 1.9
give potion generator 1.9
Give Potion Generator 1.9
give lingering potion generator 1.9
Give Lingering Potion Generator 1.9
give splash potion generator 1.9
Give Splash Potion Generator 1.9
give tool generator 1.9
Give Tool Generator 1.9
give transportation generator 1.9
Give Transportation Generator 1.9
give weapon generator 1.9
Give Weapon Generator 1.9

The summon command generator enables you to stack mobs on top of each other. You can equip mobs with up to five items and adjust the drop chances for each item of equipment. Most of the options that are specific to each of the entities are available. Mobs can have multiple Status Effects(potion) applied to them also. Motion settings can be applied and copied to other entities in the stack.

Instead of summoning a mob, you can set a spawner block to spawn the entities for you.

Generate give commands to give players items. The give generator utilizes a fully featured target selector.

Replace Item (entity|block)
The replaceitem command enables you to modify the slots and inventory of players, mobs and container blocks.

Set Block, Fill, & Block Data
Most Tile IDs are available and NBT tags are well supported. This includes container blocks, player heads, SpawnPotentials and more.

Items have most of the options you will need. This includes enchantments, name, lore, custom potions effects(for potions), colors (for leather armor). Can Place On, Can Destroy, Hide Flags, explosions (for fireworks), player heads, written books and more. All items can also have attribute modifiers applied to them.

For documentation on what all of the values mean, please read the Minecraft Chunk Format Wiki.

The commands that are generated can be very long so they will not work if you are pasting them directly into the chat bar in Minecraft. To use the commands generated from this tool, you will need to use Command Blocks. To use command blocks make sure you are an op if using a server or if in single player mode have cheats enabled. To give yourself a command block, type in /give @p minecraft:command_block . You will need to be in creative mode to paste commands into a command block. Finally activate the Command block with a redstone torch, pressure plate, switch etc.

Be careful using this generator. There is always the potential to break your maps if you use values that are outside the expected ranges or are in an invalid format. To be safe try out your commands on a throwaway map or make sure you have your maps backed up. This tool does not check your values for validity. Enjoy.



That is it!

have Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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